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The first step to promote peace in any region of the world devastated by war is making sure children go to school. Why? Because learning is the best survival skill, we have in difficult times and more.

Photo by Sebastian Rich for UNICEF South Sudan

Photo by Sebastian Rich for UNICEF South Sudan

When we learn, we begin to evolve in our thinking and question how can our actions improve the world around us. We don’t merely learn because it feels good, although it does. We learn to understand better the “why”s affecting our world and society.

When we can provide a learning experience to every human being, we recognize his or her value as a person and their worthiness.

We dignify.

But there’s another side of the story. Every person is a mystery to everyone else. This is the reason why we can always learn something new by relating with another person. Learning is deeply relational after all. Therefore, if we promote learning in others, we create learning opportunities for ourselves once we connect with them. Ultimately, we rediscover our worth as well and our dignity.

What dignifying learning opportunities can you create today?