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“There was a language in the world that everyone understood. It was the language of enthusiasm, of things accomplished with love.”
– Paulo Coelho, in ‘The Alchemist’

Every time we learn with enthusiasm, our brain releases its dopamine neurotransmitters which allow us to experience learning as rewarding and motivating.

The origin of the word enthusiasm means “possessed by God” or “divine inspiration,” which translated to the learning context means experiencing a moment of creativity. When we experience learning as a creative moment in our life, we feel enthusiastic and happy. Therefore, learning with enthusiasm is the best road to long-lasting happiness. The challenge is boredom.

In many situations, the surroundings, the topic, or even the teacher or mentor is boring, and it is difficult to feel any enthusiasm while learning. What can you do?

Use your imagination.

Imagine the boring teacher with a fruit hat in his or her head. Imagine anything that makes you smile with the topic boring you. Imagine different surroundings like being immersed in nature or close to a waterfall.

There are no bounds to human imagination, but there is something which can supersede it.

”Life has more imagination than we carry in our dreams.”
– Christopher Columbus

When you confront the most boring thing with our lives, we enter a different level of engagement because of the emotions associated with our experience. It’s like when we were children and felt excited about the smallest ridiculous thing. With time, the system removed the genuity of the child within us and asked us to block our emotions through formalized learning.

It’s time to break this barrier.

It’s time to look at every learning opportunity through a child’s eyes and begin learning with enthusiasm again.