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We learn when we fail, pay attention, let curiosity move our mind, recognize with humility how much more there is to know and show up for learning, every second, minute, hour, day, month, year, always.

Photo by Collin Hardy at Unsplash

Photo by Collin Hardy at Unsplash

Knowing is having a critical viewpoint of the information available.

Learning is transforming our life with what we know.

But what I see in the streets, buses, even at the University, is people thinking they’re consuming information to acquire knowledge and learn, but, instead, they’re being consumed in their attention and time, feeling entertained. These people are giving their precious time and attention to others in exchange of a dopamine rush. I see addiction and wasted learning potential.

There is so much more with a few tiny tweaks in your life which depend only on you.

Moments of pause.

Moments of decluttering.

Moments of exercise.

Moments of reading or writing.

Moments of resting.

Moments of listening in silence.

And the more you practice these and other valuable moments of learning, in time, you’ll understand the unique learning superpower you have inside and within your reach. And how much you can learn with every single moment in your life.