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It’s hard to recognize, but it’s nonsense and here’s the reason: nobody studies to speak the language we learn with our parents.

Learning is part of our nature. We study at school because we’re still developing the language of learning. If I were born in a Chinese family, my language would be Chinese. I wouldn’t need to study like I do because I’m Portuguese.

If we learned to learn since we were born, learning could also be a human language, like those children who speak fluently two languages because of their parents.

Las minute doubts of our students only mean they haven’t interiorized this idea. Learning is still not embedded in their culture.

As humans, we’re born to learn, not to be wild.

We think about lifelong learning as learning throughout life for the rest of our day. That step is fundamental to develop a culture of learning. But if we introduced learning since our birth, as we do with language, it would be a step forward in human evolution.

It takes a cultural mutation to achieve it. And it could begin with the elimination of last minute doubts because it would mean you began to speak the language of learning in your life.