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Being creative is being human. Those who affirm themselves as not being creative have silenced their inner voice. The time to change is now.

Photo by Amaury Salas at Unsplash

Photo by Amaury Salas at Unsplash

Maybe people told you that you were not good enough. Or worse, that you’ll never be good enough. And no matter how hard you tried to be creative, the mark of those harsh words got printed deeply in your heart. Eventually, over time, a soft creative heart turned to stone and silenced your creative self. All those people were wrong.

Every human being, without exception, and regardless of physical, and even genetic limitations, everyone is creative. Some creations are simple. Others complex, but we all possess this skill because it is an intrinsic part of who we are.

Learning to be creative is very much like doing the simplest thing that comes to mind. A simple drawing, melody, solution, idea, thought, word, anything. The smallest act toward releasing that inner creative voice will produce the biggest impact in your life.

One way to start could be Morning Pages, a suggestion by Julia Cameron. Write three pages without filters for yourself every day. That’s how it starts. In time, you I begin opening your heart and listen carefully because your inner voice will ask you to create something. I’m sure it will be the first moment of a full and creative life.