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Grateful for the gift of learning

Learning is rewarding when we experience the results first hand. However, the feeling of rewarding could convert to gratefulness when we realize learning is a gift.

Photo by Lina Trochez at unsplash.com

Photo by Lina Trochez at unsplash.com

A gift is not something we possess, but welcome. Learning is more than a skill or a trait, it is passed from generation through generation as a gift. In some parts of the world, learning is not easy or even possible. At least, learning in its most pure sense of curiosity. Where learning is difficult, the most basic learning is how to survive.

In developing countries, one of the first things missionaries and ONGs build besides hospitals are schools. It is consonant with learning as the super-power allowing nations to thrive, more than survive. In richer countries, we tend to oversee the opportunity every child has of learning with no worries about putting food on the table, having clothes to wear and a warm house to shelter from the cold and rain.

We are not entitled to learning, but it is given to us by a society who knows its value in our growth as humans. Today, we should be grateful for the gift of learning and do everything in our power to ensure every human on this Earth can cherish this gift too.

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