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We can always learn by ourselves if we set our minds into it. But there’s so much more we can learn if we get others involved and involve ourselves with others.

Photo by George Kroeker on Unsplash

Photo by George Kroeker on Unsplash

We can study with others. Develop with others new knowledge. Share with others what we learn and ask for feedback. Ask others to teach us a craft. All this because learning is relational.

Learning is an essential part of what makes us unique. As I read in an article in Scientific American,

”Human accomplishments derive from our ability to acquire knowledge from others and to use that communal store of experience to devise novel solutions to life’s challenges.”

We may think that learning with others happens when we were at school, but education is something that lasts for a lifetime. Like Einstein once said,

”Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

And the best way to ensure education remains is to keep learning, and if we get others involved, it’s more than rewarding, it’s evolutionary.