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It is not easy to persist, especially when you realize you invested time in the wrong idea. But if you don’t practice persistence, you may hardly find the way of resilience, one of learning’s most powerful forces.

Even in the case of realizing we persisted in the wrong idea, we course correct and keep persisting toward developing a resilient mindset. Take writing on this blog as an example.

Almost 200 days ago I decided to write every day. I wanted to develop my writing skills and, like everyone else, find an audience. The later has been a challenge for me, and every time the Linkedin needs reconnection, until I realize it, my views per day hit the zero bar.

I begin demotivating and start thinking about giving up. But, eventually, I find the strength to persist. Even if I share a single sentence, I persist with all my heart in that sentence. It becomes the symbol of my resolve to develop a resilient mindset.

Never give up on your goals and what identifies you.

If you are a writer, persist in writing.

If you are a painter, persist in painting.

If you find your voice through a blog, persist in blogging.

No one will walk your path but you. This decision implies falling and getting up numerous times. But only by falling will we ever walk.