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If you appear almost unannounced, what do you expect? Expect to learn the importance of being willing to lose your plans and welcome the present moment.

We generate expectations throughout the day on ourselves, on others and circumstances. But how prepared are we to face reality?

If you approach expectations as fully living in the present moment, whatever the outcome of your actions, you’ll meet your expectations, partially at least.

Recently, I experienced that. I went to see a friend and was hoping to have lunch together. It never occurred to me he might not be available. I had that expectation but understood that living the present moment was solely meet him and speak about a few projects. I immediately adjusted my expectations and went happily back home.

If expectations are like water and you get too rigid, it turns to “ice” and you may not fit it on your reality glass. But if you keep it fluid, it adjusts and satiates your reality-thirst.