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“Learning is movement from moment to moment.” (J. KRISHNAMURTI)

Photo by Ahmad Odeh at unsplash

Photo by Ahmad Odeh at unsplash

Energeia is the Greek etymology for the word energy which means action. It is a word imbued with dynamics and movement, much like learning.

People often think that by watching videos about something you’re learning. But you are not. You may see Cristiano Ronaldo all the time on the TV playing football, but it doesn’t mean you’ll to play as he does.

Learning is more than reasoning or thinking. It is an experience. You need your mind, heart and, especially, your hands.

“We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.” (JOHN HOLT EDUCATOR)

Every movement only makes sense if you’re doing something. Therefore, from a present moment to the next, there is a learning opportunity at your grasp. And what is this moving between moments if not life itself? If we become aware of this fact, we cannot live without learning, or learn without living.

Living and learning are profoundly connected.

The energy of learning which flows is you.