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This is the chemical element physicist Bob Lazar shares as the essential fuel for alien propulsion systems he worked on in the 1980s. I saw today Jeremy’s Netflix documentary on Bob Lazar. What fascinated me was not the existence of aliens, but the sorrow this man feels for the disclosed unknown science that alien technology might reveal, and its cultural and economic implications.

There are many unknowns in the world. Some related to contingency. Others outside our field of expertise or interest, but the information is out there. At least, most of it. However, we consume so much information that we forget to stop and think about it.

We dream there’s more in the Universe than is known, and it’s true. The unknown doesn’t drive us crazy, but curious. I got curious about the story of this man and whatever he experienced.

I don’t know if element 115 can produce an anti-gravity field revolutionizing technology or not. What I know is that it produces curiosity and that is the most important element in scientific revolutions. And it leaves us intrigued which is the most important element when searching for the truth.