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We change whenever we meet another person because we’re constantly changed by the relationships we have. In this sense, every person is a novelty for you even if you “think” you know her for years.

Photo by Kevin Curtis at

Photo by Kevin Curtis at

As Learning Minds, we learn from everything and everyone every day. However, each person we meet is an inexhaustible source of novelty and, consequently, of learning.

Relationships are the best sources for learning new things, like an inspiring idea the others, even without realizing.

Yesterday my daughter was saying – “here we have heat and there we have cold.” As a professor in Heat Transfer, I told her – “you know, cold doesn’t exist. It is the absence of heat.” Then she welcomed what I said with – “ok. So, here, there’s heat, and there is the absence of heat. And if there’s no heat, there’s room for heat to enter.” Wow! I never thought about that from that perspective, but it’s quite a visual way to explain it.

Cherish your relationships. They’re the best chance you’ll have of learning new things every day.