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This post is probably the first I had a serious thought about not writing.

The reason is simple. I have no idea whatsoever on what to write. Therefore, I decided to let my concerns flow through words and see where it goes from there.

I’m not sure if you feel the same, but I’m writing for more than 250 days, sharing something I learn daily. – “What’s the point?”

It can be a simple thought, an idea, a more elaborate topic (rarely these days), and all is part of my path to find a voice in the blogosphere. Famous bloggers warned it wouldn’t be easy.

I know we, writers, should write.

I know that most people (like me) continue to write (even if we don’t have anything worthy to say). What would this openness mean to my readers?

Wait a minute? Which readers? No one! Great!

I’m kidding 🙂

If you’re reading, you mean a lot to me and I wouldn’t want you to think you’re losing time by reading this awful post. But that’s the way life is. There are:

  • great days!
  • not so great…
  • so, so…
  • bad,
  • and awful.

It’s only a scale, not what defines you. That would be your heart. And if you feel bored reading this post, good!

Boredom is the last privilege of a free mind.

I love this idea, but it’s enough. Thank you for reading until the last word, even if you’ve been warned not to.