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The latest research in psychology confirms we need a break to avoid a break in our productivity. Efficiency is the ratio between what you produce with the number of resources available. Doing things corresponds to your resources. Thus, you understand if you produce the same by doing less, you’re more efficient and more productive. Why doing less counts more?

Photo by Jerin J at Unsplash

Photo by Jerin J at Unsplash

We have four basic health perspectives in life: physical, mental, spiritual and relational. And all are intrinsically interconnected.

Taking care of your body allows you to pay more attention and learn more. It implies exercise with simple walks through natural environments, but also resting with power naps and good night sleep. What appears a waste of time, actually allows you to be more focused.

Taking care of your mind allows you to be more open to the learning opportunities presented throughout life. It implies reading, listening, but also sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Taking care of your spiritual path allows you to develop your creativity. Some persons believe in God, others in spiritual realities, others believe in the human spirit alone. But I guess we all agree in realities beyond space and time, which we perceive through our consciousness and self-awareness. Learning often implies such inner processes to manifest themselves in life.

Taking care of your relationships allows you to live more fully. What are we without our relationships? Drifters in life. And someone drifting in life won’t go anywhere or lives without knowing where to go. Relationships allow us to ground our learning in life and not in our intellect alone. Relationships allow learning to become transformative, and that’s what relational learning is all about.