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We are what we experience, but what defines who we should become? And what matters most: being or becoming?

We may accept who we are and focus our life on a fixed idea of ourselves. Albeit the importance of such self-acceptance, as learning minds, we are constantly changing. This change points to our becoming. How can we orient ourselves in becoming?

“Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage. CLAUDE M. BRISTOL”

Therefore, unless we learn to have a big picture about ourselves, we may drift through life without becoming who we could be.

A humble mindset allows recognizing who we are because it is the starting point of every journey into becoming who we can be. But unless we envision and dream ourselves ahead, we may lose the way because of being unaware of a why.

The simple exercise of imagining yourself in ten years is insightful. And even if the path changes due to circumstances, we welcome the unexpected and let it shape our becoming.

But I wonder if there is a universal idea of becoming which manifests in infinite tones throughout humans in history. I can think of one and I believe it is our true superpower.

The power of learning awareness.

Learning is an everyday fact. But being aware of what we learn is not. And becoming who we want to depend on how much awareness we have of what we learn every day.

A simple exercise for bringing greater awareness is to write in your journal something new learned each day. A word, a fact, an idea, a name, anything. In time, it will unlock your learning superpower and who knows who you’ll become and the kind of evolutionary path your life will bring to humanity.