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We’re close to the release of Cal Newport’s new work on Digital MinimalismChoosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. What is this and why should we pay attention?

The argument questions whether services we’ve become addicted in the last decade can affect our quality of life and sense of autonomy.

The philosophy of Digital Minimalism proposed by Newport implies a substantial reduction of time spent online, and involve ourselves in analogical social media instead. It means diverting our attention from services like Facebook to invest in Face2Face relationships and experiences.

This change doesn’t mean giving up what we do online, but reduce it to a small number of activities which bring recognized and deep value to our lives.

In fact, when I left social media for 30 days, I discovered how much we can do when the time spent online becomes available for other things and invest in our learning skills. I found more time to be creative and be with my family, strengthening our relationships.

If you find this idea intriguing, don’t miss the opportunity and invest your time reading Digital Minimalism.