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Dropbox “happily” announced my plan was to double its storage capacity to 2TB for the modest increase of €20 per year. It’s not a bad deal but misses the point.

Why haven’t they offered the same for a lower price? I cannot afford the new price because it is above my upper threshold. But it had an unexpected benefit: a forced decluttering exercise.

I think the service is excellent, but If I cannot sustain the 186GB on a Basic free plan, I’m forced to declutter Dropbox to an account where I have enough space. During this decluttering exercise, I noticed how much information we save without purpose.

It also led me to think that we hear about a large amount of information stored in the world, but I wonder, if we decluttered more our clouds, would we think the same?

Maybe decluttering is a simple way to make the world better, with more (digital) space and simpler. Meanwhile, Dropbox loses a client… since they never gave me an alternative, not that they matter, right?