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Decide to Learn

Is learning an option?

Photo by David Monje at Unsplash.com

Photo by David Monje at Unsplash.com

When you make it an option, a choice, it means you’re free not to learn. But can you live without learning? You can, but you won’t evolve. If you want to grow in your knowledge, skills, and personality, learning is the best long-lasting way.

Learning is a decision toward making transformative experiences in your life. And the more you learn, the more you begin to love learning. And what remains present in our lives is what we love.

Decide to learn today, every day. It can be a new word, a new instrument, a new idea, a new skill, a new meal, about a new place, a new language, a new fact, a new story. When you decide to learn, you choose for what is new to you, and this will renew you every day.

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I am a Professor at the University of Coimbra in Mechanical Engineering. I am also author of books in the fields of environmental ethics and Science and Religion. From the several research projects, this site is personal and dedicated to the search for the best approaches, tools, techniques to improve scientific productivity.

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