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Creating out of nothing

Or shall I say “out of boredom.”

We fear the state of boredom reached when doing nothing, or nothing useful at least. But several studies point to the birth of unexpected creative moments from tedious tasks or waiting periods.

The reason for creating new connections is our mind entering moments of daydreaming or mind-wandering.

One way to easily achieve a boring state is to fill a full blank sheet of paper with 1,0,1,0 with small letters and for as long as possible. However, like any lasting habit, it must start small to stick. And I’d suggest you gradually change the size of the sheet.

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I am a Professor at the University of Coimbra in Mechanical Engineering. I am also author of books in the fields of environmental ethics and Science and Religion. From the several research projects, this site is personal and dedicated to the search for the best approaches, tools, techniques to improve scientific productivity.

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