Miguel Panao | Professor and Author

Finding ways to improve scientific writing and academic productivity.

Limitations are opportunities

We think about limitations as barriers, stopping us from accomplishing what we desire for our learning minds. Is this true?

The Feynman Technique

People knew Richard Feynman by his simple and creative explanations for complicated subjects. And I think we could apply his technique to improve how we learn anything.

From persistence to resilience

It is not easy to persist, especially when you realize you invested time in the wrong idea. But if you don’t practice persistence, you may hardly find the way of resilience, one of learning’s most powerful forces.

Between a lifelong learning possibility and reality

Learning every day is something you can do. But can we remember at the end of every day what new things we learned?

You don’t have to be good

Who are you suppose to be?

We’re never too old to learn

Once a friend said – _” I’m too old to learn a new computer language”_ – was she right?

You may feel productive, but are you creative?

Being highly productive doesn’t mean being highly creative.

The key element of a learning mind

Remember Einstein. His genius didn’t come from knowing a lot, but imagining simple things and have a curious and resilient mindset to pursue revolutionary ideas.


It is likely to be the best and most difficult thing to achieve with anything you learn.

Develop and change

We cannot change skills but develop them. And we all have skills. But such development depends on our behavior. Therefore, to develop some skills we need to change our behavior.