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If yesterday we celebrated the Earth, today, we celebrate the book. But should we?

Photo by João Silas at unsplash
Photo by João Silas at unsplash

Bookshops make great discounts, but what matters if you sell books and people don’t read them? Should we celebrate the book or the act of reading?

Books are written to be read. Therefore, maybe this should be the ”Day of Reading” where books are the path through which we sharp our minds and improve thinking.

Therefore, this is the day we can restart reading again and create a reading habit. We can start by one page per day or 5 minutes. What counts is the consistency through which we begin reading.

It’s not about enjoyment. There are medications I don’t enjoy, but I have to take them for health sake. It’s no different with reading. It’s the medication for a healthy mind. A mind which thinks and learns. An evolving learning mind.