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How can your life inspire everyone to enjoy learning?

What makes someone an interesting person? Is it the number of things she knows? Is it because of having an intriguing personality? It could be. But I wonder if it could be the fact this person is a cause of learning.

Every person we feel we can learn something with her every time we’re together is an interesting person. People who are a cause of learning have certain traits. They’re good listeners, don’t speak but the essential and bring joy by their presence. Moreover, they make you feel you’re important to them and have the utmost respect for what you think and do. And because of their attentive mindset, the right word at the right time is a cause of learning for you.

The simplicity transpired from their life is attractive. The humble mindset when they share their creativity inspires. You learn from them because they learn from you first and make sure you know it.