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It’s surprising the difference between waking up in a city or in the country. Most of us know that in theory, but the experience is still overwhelming.

In the city, there’s this background noise similar to waves. Occasionally, you can distinguish an airplane or a motorcycle, but the sound waves pattern is the most consistent.

The idea I got these past few days in the city is that our minds become unaware of the noise, and also what silence is all about. No wonder people drive more aggressively, shout more, behave less patiently, and call this city life. Life can be incredibly different and better.

Research may work on cities to make them smarter, but my experience suggests that more attention should be given to their noise. In that sense, changing vehicles in a city to fully electrical will make a remarkable difference.

But nothing will replace the recovery you need with silence. Recovery of your body, mind, and spirit. Nature is a privileged place. Don’t try it occasionally, but make it a habit.