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The digital age entered our physical world through augmented reality. We marvel at the ability to fill empty spaces with something that doesn’t exist. At least not yet. But we do not fill only space, like a cluttered desk, but also time with a busy schedule making us look productive.

Then, we also have today a digital life with email, social networking and the ability to know what’s happening in the world through a simple touch. All this is supposed to bring us closer and feel related, but the opposite happens. We become distracted, disconnected and alienated from the physical world surrounding us. Instead of living an open life, we’re too occupied with our digital world.

The reason our lives become complex is the absence of empty spaces bringing simplicity and meaning to every moment. We need augmented simplicity.

Start small

If you don’t know how to live with greater simplicity, start small. Experience simple acts that make a difference in other people’s lives and, consequently, in your life as well. It could be a simple smile toward the person at the supermarket where you bought your groceries. Or a simple gesture when someone is crossing the street to make sure she can do it safely. Or paying attention to the tone of your voice when speaking with someone who you notice how much is tired of a day’s work. Small acts can make a big difference in your life and of those you meet throughout the day.


Do you know the feeling of wanting to write something using your desk, but can’t find the space to put the paper? Do you need time to write, but your schedule is already too busy? Do you open your email and need to process hundreds of unread emails? Have the courage to declutter.