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Success is often measured by who arrived first, but those who fail are the first to learn. In the long run, they go farther.

Photo by rawpixel at Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel at Unsplash

Learning is not a matter of accepting you failed and tried again. It is a process of understanding why you failed, keep failing, but learn to fail better.

Before realizing the tremendous power of learning in my life, I thought success was amounting small achievements, and it is, but every time I read success stories of people who changed the world, like Thomas Edison, I saw their success made of many failings. Not failures.

They show if you’re always the first to learn, you’re at the pole position of an enduring and rewarding successful life. To make sure of this, every time you fail, ask yourself – ” what can I learn?”

The searching prompted by the learning path is the way to perennial success and transform your life and of those around you.