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Think about the work you do without being paid. If someone says it’s foolish, never mind. Altruism will always be beyond reason and at your grasp.

Photo by Rachel at unsplash

Photo by Rachel at unsplash

Of rescuers of Jews during World War II, the psychologist Eva Fogelman said that

””Learned altruistic behavior, seeing all people as equals, gave the rescuers the ability to transcend the propaganda against the Jews and to see them as human beings just like themselves. They took the responsibility to help because they knew that unless they did something that person would die.” (Eva Fogelman)

When we learn altruism, we grow our degree of empathy and compassion toward others. We learn to persuade, instead of obligate. We overcome the fear of personal risk when trying to do the right thing. And we can help others by word and example.

Altruism is not innate, but developed through our relationships, according to one study by Rodolfo Barragan and Carol Dweck. Therefore, it’s not natural, but learned. In fact, we become altruistic learners if we practice a gesture toward others per day. We’ll improve the world around us and beyond our time.