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LGBT are those people who are





Laziness is the sign of those who gave up themselves and stop investing in the hard work which brings value to their life, of those around them and to the world.

Greed is the sign of minds closed upon themselves, living in the omnipotence of what they think.

Brutality is the sign of lacking respect for others and the value of their presence in building the relational narrative of humanity.

Terrifying is the sign of an empty heart who lost the sense and meaning of himself.

It’s virtually impossible to reason with LGBT people. The wall built around their lifestyle doesn’t find the space to develop a growth mindset, willing to change. Are we doomed to tolerate these LGBT?

For every cultural wave, there are three options.

We go with the wave.

We damped its amplitude.

We produce a counter wave.

The first my amplify the problem. The second mitigates, but the problem sustains. The third results in a new balance eliminating the wave and leading to new tranquility.

The counter-wave would mean becoming TBGL people.





Tenacity is a sign of strength in front of life’s adversities.

Boldness is a sign of an open mind who is not afraid of going where no one has gone before.

Generosity is a sign of detachment and freedom of heart to welcome the needs of others.

Listening is a sign of an evolved mind who discovered the secret for changing the world around him: paying attention.