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Using models of the past 120,000 years, a research team led by Mario Krapp from the University of Cambridge built an algorithm to simulate Earth’s climate of the past 800,000 years.

Credit to NASA

Credit to NASA

Results suggest that changes in climate conditions might be what drove the evolution of our brains, eventually giving birth to the intelligence which now can search for its origin.

Moreover, the study also shows how the planet is sensitive to climate changes. The extremely low temperatures experienced in the US a week ago are a result of those changes.

I wonder.

Why would nature give us the intelligence to understand its dynamics, while destroying itself, simultaneously, because our lack of using the intelligence given? Though question to understand?

Human-made climate change depends on our lifestyle. I hope it doesn’t take another 800,000 years to give the necessary steps to improve it.

We might not be around. And I believe we’re more intelligent than that.

The first step can be a simple one.

Ask yourself every time you want something: do I need it? Why?

The first step is the awareness of the essential.