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Silence is not the absence of sound but noise. Visual silence is not the absence of light, but sight.

Slowness is not wasting time but embracing it.

Stopping is not getting stuck, but pausing toward greater awareness.

People live fast-paced narratives. However, fulfillment comes from the intensity of how you live, rather than how fast you get things done. Would you taste the pastry of a world’s famous chef in an instant? Or would you take time to experience all the flavors and combinations which gradually appear in your mouth?

People are tired of having too much to do and so little time. What if we tried living these 3 S’s?

One minute of silence doesn’t hurt. One minute slower while walking still gets you where you want to be. One minute stopping everything might be more illuminating than you think. The price is so low and the gain so high. You’ll know when you try.