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Every day you have something to say. Why? Everyone experiencing life every day, in the end, must have something to say. A life worth living is an experience worth telling. Today, it is my 100-day of posting every day. What have I tried to say for the last 100 days?

Learning is an essential part of being human.

We are learning minds.

And we have the possibility of learning something new every single day.

Learning is a source of creativity. And whatever you create is a source of learning. But if learning is our super-power, why don’t we live in a world of “superheroes?”

While technology extends our capabilities beyond what we ever thought possible, it also brought tremendous challenges to the core values underlying every learning experience. It consumed our attention and provided dopamine overdoses which made us real iZombies thirsting for information and entertainment. I was one of those iZombies a few years ago.

Information and entertainment are not bad per se, but many of us haven’t realized the craving. However, we can always restart.

Restart thinking about our core values and be mindful whether our digital life is align or not with them.

Restart valuing real relationships which become enduring when nurtured, instead of superficial ones.

Restart caring for your body through which you listen, create and relate. Caring for sleep hours, exercise and what you eat.

Restart having the time to wonder, be alone with your thoughts, read a book or play a board game with your family.

Restart controlling your time and attention which are powerful skills which boost your learnability into uncharted waters.

Restart enjoying the surprise of daily learning.