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Life beyond screens

The best inspiration comes from life itself.


Against all the odds, true inspiration comes from what is hard, bold and unknown. When you challenge what you can do with risk, your vulnerability is a demonstration of courage for navigating in uncharted waters. Risking is essential in every creative work.

It’s not about your credibility, but inspiring an audience

I’m not an expert in slideshow presentations, but when I go to a conference and experience keynote lectures hard to follow, I wonder “are they aware of the audience in front of them? Why aren’t they inspiring?” Keynote lectures are an important moment in a scientist’s career. A committee recognizes the value of your work […]

Lessons from a blank page experience

When you set yourself to write something, a blank page can intimidate and trigger an unexpected personal crisis. However, what can we learn from experiencing the emptiness of blank pages, supposed to be filled with our thoughts, ideas, and knowledge? One day I spent almost an hour staring at a blank screen. My purpose was to write a […]