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Boost learning is far from memorizing

We tend to forget what we know when we cease to use it in our daily life. But we never forget what we understand because it became part of our life.

What can you learn in your last dying breath

Being a Learning Mind should define how we live and die. I dare to say that more than evolving biologically, we evolved because we learned, shared throughout generations, and never stopped learning since then. Thus, what can you learn in your last dying breath? Anything. Anything at all. But how will you pass whatever you […]

The challenge of building new experiences with nature

In the northern hemisphere, August is a month used to rest and recharge. The ways you do it vary from family to family, even from person to person. However, given the stress of everything we have to do while working, something most of us do during this is pay greater attention to our surroundings. What […]

What can you do to when you need to change your life and don’t have time

We all complain about not having time to do certain things because of the time spent in doing other things. The reason could be a matter of priorities, but I think it is more a matter of the joining time and a reason. A friend of mine told me he had a little more of […]