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One thing which caught my attention while watching “Free Solo” was how much Alex Honnold paid attention to the smallest detail. It could mean the difference between keeping going up on the wall or falling into oblivion.

Listen to others is learning

Every person speaking to us is an opportunity to learn. If not explicitly, we learn to listen. One of my main difficulties was listening to others. While someone was speaking to me, my mind was a storm of ideas about what she was saying. I would easily interrupt others and began speaking instead of listening. […]

We are a learning mind

We are rational, creative, but what distinguishes our species in this planet is our ability to learn and share this knowledge throughout generations. This is only possible because we communicate. And communication is not only about speaking, but especially, about listening. An attentive listening. The result of this communication through an attentive listening leads to […]

Smartphone Attention Disorder or SAD

A new field of research is the impact smartphones have on our social lives. One of the primary impacts is on our ability to pay attention because it consumes too much of ours. Namely, whenever people get bored while listening to someone in a seminar, for example, picking up their smartphone is becoming the most […]