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Every meditation can open the possibility of rediscovering the transformative value of a learning experience. Each word inspiring the meditation represents a step in the path of disclosing your learning mind. The words are in alphabetic order and give a perfect sense of flow through the book. Sometimes, there’s an invitation to act. Other times, […]

How to write an introduction in a research paper — Focus on Science

Writing a clear introduction in your research work is a sign of clarity of thinking. The best way to do it is by focusing on science instead of what others did. When I perform reviews of research papers for Scientific Journals, I often see the same flaw over and over again. Instead of focusing the […]

Driven vs Drifted

Time is personal. Nobody owns time, but it’s yours. In this sense, it means a lot what you do with it.

Know your way

When our way changes, we should change our way. Goals evolve, but if we get attached to old goals, we’re losing our time and attention. The worst part of resisting goals which ceased to make sense is persisting in them. We may end up fulfilling them, but without learning the craft involved. You’ll embrace and […]

Ig-Nobel prizes need renaming

Researchers awarded with (Ig)Nobel prizes have “achievements that make people laugh, then think.” Some consider them to perform wasteful research, but they may be wrong. David Hu found in a report by Senator Jeff Flake to be “the country’s [USA] most wasteful scientist” – as he says in a TED Talk at Emory, theatrically kneeling […]

Writing tools when English is not your native language

(post updated in July, 14th, 2018) English is the mainstream language of scientific writing, and even if we evolve into new ways of expressing our results (e.g., infographics), this won’t change. Thus, any writing tools available to help non-English native speakers (and writers) are useful and valuable. One of the greatest challenges a Portuguese face […]

“I want to start writing with LaTeX. How can I do it?”

In a previous post I talked about giving the first steps in LaTeX. If you are part of those who wish they could learn LaTeX and find it difficult. This post could help you get started. When I started with LaTeX I had a reason: typography. The equations in LaTeX looked amazing and I started […]

How can a brain rule makes me walk every day

All our thoughts, ideas, memories depend of this organ we call brain. Then, it is reasonable to think we need to exercise the brain as much as we need to exercise our body if we want to keep our mental fitness. But if you think training the brain means thinking all the time – which we […]

How to challenge your teaching and reach a wider audience

It’s not possible to please all students with your classes. Some like theory and how you deduce concepts, but most of them don’t. Some like when you perform experiments in class, a few don’t. I asked myself, is there something I can do to reach the largest audience possible? When I wanted to understand what […]