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Are you in control?

The screen of our smartphones is addictive and consumes our attention.

A Trust Issue

I read an article by Zeynep Tufekci (False Promise) in Wired (July 27, 2019) stating the Internet is a low-trust society where you are on guard all the time. I’m sure this wasn’t part of Sir Tim Berners-Lee dream. A society is a group of people with a common goal. But if you no longer […]

Was Plato a XXI century prophet?

Perhaps it’s time to think seriously about what we are doing.


Even if we become more mindful and begin paying greater attention, how do we know we’re paying attention to what matters? And how do we decide what matters most?

AI solves Rubik’s cube. And..?

AI learned to solve Rubik’s cube. What the fun of that?


Is the ability to comment on a newspaper article something which makes you a better person because you’re free to express yourself?

We should all be mutants

But it’s not our genes which change. It’s our memes.

Words change cultures

While naming an animal doesn’t change for millennia, other words change their meaning.

The Future of Transhumanism

This morning I woke up thinking about transhumanism and the possibility of two factions: cyborgs and ”learnorgs”.

Declutter the cloud

Dropbox “happily” announced my plan was to double its storage capacity to 2TB for the modest increase of €20 per year. It’s not a bad deal but misses the point.