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“Thank you for your attention.”

I’m at a conference and what most authors say in the end is this sentence. And I wonder if people were, in fact, paying attention. Honestly, most were, especially the senior researchers and experts, but a few were distracted or searching to overcome boredom. I understand both and acknowledge that those experiencing boredom face the […]

How do you feel the day before a presentation?

Do you know the experience of having a presentation the next day and constantly dream about it? Do you succeed in your dreams or fail? I woke up today experiencing this. And I cannot tell whether I succeeded or failed. I only know that such experience is one of vulnerability. I usually deal with vulnerability […]

It’s not about your credibility, but inspiring an audience

I’m not an expert in slideshow presentations, but when I go to a conference and experience keynote lectures hard to follow, I wonder “are they aware of the audience in front of them? Why aren’t they inspiring?” Keynote lectures are an important moment in a scientist’s career. A committee recognizes the value of your work […]

How can you overcome the fear of public speaking

Throughout the year we have conferences where researchers present their work. Maybe you find yourself in that position right now. Master students finish their thesis and the presentation is until the end of July, or in September. PhD Students may go through a similar process. Whatever the reason, there is always a fear of presenting […]