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Finding ways to improve scientific writing and academic productivity.

What can you do to overcome the crisis of accumulating research work

How can you be productive when work accumulates, the need for scheduling meetings continues, plus some additional formation you’re asked to take, classes, thesis supervision, projects, family commitments and the list continues. You begin to list what to do, and soon realize you’re lost in what remains to do. You could procrastinate, and that is […]

Unexpected opportunities hidden behind troubling indexes

Don’t measure yourself by your metrics. Your worth is in how much you put yourself into what, how and why you do science. The unexpected opportunities of making a difference with your work lie ahead, but the question is: are you all-in? My first publication was in 2002 for an International Conference of the Society […]

Organizing papers: how times have changed

To me, the amazing thing about the introduction of the iPod by Steve Jobs in 2001 was the expression a “1000 songs in your pocket.” This idea was truly a digital revolution. Therefore, for all those who are knowledge workers and do research recognize how – today – we can say the same thing about papers […]

Why multitasking simply doesn’t work for anyone

Are you proud of being a multitasking person? Studies show you shouldn’t. In fact, not only you, in fact, switch-task, but you damage your brain as well. Finally, I never thought how multitasking could influence the way we perceive the world around us. While reading a book by Cal Newport on “Deep Work,” he mentions […]

How can you challenge distraction with concentration

A lot of the work we do in science depends on memory and creativity. Improving your memory and boosting your creativity are two important investments if you are a researcher. However, the interesting thing is that both are connected. Memory is where we store what we learn. It is the foundation of all learning, which […]

How to overcome procrastination in your scientific work

5 Ways to Start Changing How Things Get Done Two reasons for procrastinating is being unclear about your goals and lacking your why. Although this may happen when we do scientific work, the major part of us knows where the research is headed and the underlying reasons for doing it. However, we can still procrastinate. […]

No way to escape exams: how-to find hope instead of despair

3-Thoughts to help you overcome exams successfully If you’re studying for exams, do you feel nervous before entering the room? Do you feel fear and anxiety about how are your going to perform? What makes you feel like that? What do you complaint the most when preparing for your exams? When I was a student, I […]

So much done for your students and for what?

What is our “why” as a professor? Teach and Research, although not necessarily in this order. For 14 weeks I’ve shared with my students several tips to increase their productivity and thrive at any discipline. But after the results in the first evaluation of my discipline… I wondered what’s wrong … Academic productivity is like a […]