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Who controls your digital life… you?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes The pace of technological innovation is fast. Technology has literally changed our habits, thoughts and lifestyles. In the last decades, we assisted the rise of social media, and again, with a profound impact in our lives. A digital life emerged. However, have you ever looked at people in the subway or airport lounge? Everyone has […]

How to grasp the strength of being an open-minded researcher

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Reading Time: 2 minutes What does it mean for a researcher to be open-minded? Doing research is not knowing what the outcome will be, but work only on some intuition. The result of every scientific investigation may challenge our perception of reality, and we limit the creative process unless we cultivate an open mind. At the beginning of my […]

Why being a good scientist when you can keep getting better

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Reading Time: 2 minutes People think scientists keep failing until they get it right. I disagree. We keep failing until we know why we get it wrong. There’s no “right” or definitive explanation in science. There is only the next question. This is why I admire the grit, resilience, and belief in people like Elon Musk who continue to […]

Unexpected opportunities hidden behind troubling indexes

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Don’t measure yourself by your metrics. Your worth is in how much you put yourself into what, how and why you do science. The unexpected opportunities of making a difference with your work lie ahead, but the question is: are you all-in? My first publication was in 2002 for an International Conference of the Society […]

Your publication titles are a list or a story?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Researchers make science. And behind that science is a story. If we looked into one’s publications, would we see a list or that story? Are there different types of stories? You may think science is impersonal, but nothing could be farther from the truth. On the contrary, science is deeply personal and the way a […]

Did you know scientists should have an artistic vein?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Scientists have an artistic vein. Or, at least, should be artists because the job demands it. We can take an entire working period making two to three plots. Do you wonder why? Edward Tufte said “Clarity and excellence in thinking is very much like clarity and excellence in the display of data.” That’s why. A […]

Don’t stop when you fail to understand the science

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Reading Time: 2 minutes The best thing it may happen while doing science is also the worst. It’s when we realize and say “I don’t understand.” However, not understanding can be of value. We just need to learn how to deal with it. When I read an article outside my field of research, if the underlying science is mathematically-based, […]

How to get more done in scientific writing in less time

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Reading Time: 2 minutes “Why do we take so long to produce so little?” Have you ever asked yourself this question? I have. Numerous times. And I think this often occurs in scientific writing, especially in the results and discussion section which demands creative thinking. That is the section including scientific revolutions, right? I hear a lot from my […]

Little secret on how to write better rebuttals after harsh reviews

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Reading Time: 2 minutes What do you feel when you receive the comments from reviewers of an article you submitted, and they ask for major revisions? What if you feel their comments show a weak reading of your work?  Most of us feel upset and demotivated. I understand and experience the same feelings. The question is: how can we work on […]

If you love knowledge, love understanding more

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Reading Time: 1 minute Some of us are knowledge workers, but all of us can be knowledge explorers. Why do we explore knowledge? What triggers our curiosity? The desire to know. Desire is what moves us, how we move and why. But is desire enough? I always loved books on science. They triggered my imagination and satisfied my thirst […]