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How can we be messengers of a learning mind?

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Reading Time: 1 minute Once we recognize ourselves as learning minds, the best way to spread the word is being the word. The messenger becomes the message. A learning mind pays attention to its surroundings and the life experiencing every minute. It is curious about intriguing questions and searches for clues to follow a path of discovery. In this […]

Connecting the dots of 2018

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Reading Time: 1 minute We’re approaching the end of 2018. Most people (I’m included) begin to think about what we wanted at the beginning of 2018 and review our achievements. However, while reviewing I began thinking about several important events (not goals). Eventually, even if you were unable to reach your goals, what if you think about important events […]

Re-learn with the learning of others

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Reading Time: 1 minute We all forget some of the things we learned throughout life. But when others share something we learn and forgot, here’s your chance to re-learn and rejoice. Why re-learn and not remember? Learning is more than memorizing. It is an experience including memory, feelings, actions, and thinking. Re-learning should be above all re-experiencing. Think about […]

Learning frees us from fear

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Reading Time: 1 minute Fear is not a bad feeling when it helps to survive in harsh environments by making us alert. But fear may stop us from moving forward with our lives and become who we never thought we could be. Learning is one of the most liberating experiences in life. It’s our super-power. And like any super-power, […]

Discovering our true superpower when thinking about being and becoming

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Reading Time: 2 minutes We are what we experience, but what defines who we should become? And what matters most: being or becoming? We may accept who we are and focus our life on a fixed idea of ourselves. Albeit the importance of such self-acceptance, as learning minds, we are constantly changing. This change points to our becoming. How […]

The unexpected Learning Leap

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Reading Time: 1 minute What is a learning leap? A decision? A step in your learning path? The need to overcome obstacles or abysses? No. It is the unexpected leap of showing up. People expect that learning is affected by your degree of attention, the amount of curiosity, whether you’re resilient when you fail, or even humble enough to […]

Overcome difficulties with learning

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Reading Time: 1 minute Learning is as hard as rewarding. And the most natural experience is the difficulty of learning. How can we overcome difficulties in learning? When facing difficulties, we can overcome them in different ways. We can ignore difficulties and “hope” for the best. This is the passive mindset of those who are slow learners. We can […]

Be a cause of learning for everyone

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Reading Time: 1 minute How can your life inspire everyone to enjoy learning? What makes someone an interesting person? Is it the number of things she knows? Is it because of having an intriguing personality? It could be. But I wonder if it could be the fact this person is a cause of learning. Every person we feel we […]

Respect those who learn differently

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Reading Time: 1 minute Learning itself is universal, but the methods or the contents may differ. Respect is part of the humble mindset allowing us to welcome those who learn differently from us. It is a path with three insightful steps. The first step to respect differences in learning is to recognize the value of other learning approaches. Such […]

Living according to your learning

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Reading Time: 1 minute We have the skill to learn every day something new, but how much does it transform our lives? Being a learning mind implies opening our knowledge to the new experiences we live every day. And every new topic or thought, a new word or idea should produce an impact in our lives. The challenge is […]