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Finding ways to improve scientific writing and academic productivity.

Bright Moments

Who doesn’t like bright moments? Moments when everything becomes clear. Moments of innovative and unexpected ideas. Moments you said the right word at the right time to the right person. Yet, some moments are so bright, you recognize the light, but something is wrong. And what seemed to be the right path, is not the […]

A simple tip to improve how your experience time

I don’t know about you, but most people I know complain about not having time. They want to write but don’t have time. They would like to paint but don’t have time. They would like to go out and have fun but don’t have time. The words ”I don’t have time” seem to give a […]

Connecting Dots

We all aspire to have a worthy life, perform at work and be successful. But how do we move from aspirations to accomplishments? Connecting dots. Our life is a story of events. If you consider each event as a dot, your life is the story of connecting dots. There are no days without hours. If […]

Knots, laces, and bonds

What is the best kind of relationships to establish with others? I’m thinking of three kinds: knots, laces, and bonds. The purpose of a knot is to keep both ropes tight, stuck to each other and never let go. Spouses give knots and it is a positive thing, but in work environments, knots imprison people. […]

Gratified at Work, Grateful in Life

If something we work on provides us with instant gratification, we invest in it. Take, for example, after a presentation you make, someone comes to you and says you changed his or her life or felt inspired to it. There’s no better reward. Or when you spend time on details, plating to the delight of […]

How do we evolve

Since Darwin, we think about evolution as a competition for being the best and the best survives. But what if you don’t have enough resources to compete in the first place? If you have fewer resources, you’re more likely to collaborate with others. And from cooperation comes survival. This is why Peter Kropotkin found the […]

I don’t have time

If you have a reason, you will find the time. The lack of a reason why you do the things you do will consume the time you wish to spend on the things that matter. Finding the reason is finding what matters to you. And what is it? We all want to make a difference […]

Simple tip to write more and better

Do you feel you don’t have the time to write? A book, an article or a simple blog post? I have good news for you. Your problem is not the lack of time, but the lack of habit. A couple of years ago I wanted to write more, so I began developing the habit of […]

We are a community

If a scientific topic is like a slice of pizza, would you rather eat it yourself, or share it with others? I recently read from Seth Godin something insightful. He says, An idea shared is more powerful than one that’s hidden. A technology standard outperforms a proprietary one. A community is stronger than divided individuals […]

Pause moments

Life can be frantic, but when you listen to an afternoon rain and simply listen, you experience a pause. We need more of these moments. Pause moments are opportunities to daydreaming and mind wondering. When you work, it is important to focus, but if you’re focused all the time, creativity won’t find the space and […]