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Altruistic learner

Think about the work you do without being paid. If someone says it’s foolish, never mind. Altruism will always be beyond reason and at your grasp.


Puzzles are more than a game. They’re a source of daily learning.


One thing which caught my attention while watching “Free Solo” was how much Alex Honnold paid attention to the smallest detail. It could mean the difference between keeping going up on the wall or falling into oblivion.


I’ve just finished watching the documentary “Free Solo.” A remarkable achievement of the human spirit. A mix of courage and vulnerability from which we can learn a lot about dedication and hard work.


There are so many different things we can learn from our diversity.

Restoring attention

The attention restoration theory explains how walking through nature can have a positive effect on your ability to focus.

Where exhaustion comes from

Exhaustion comes from the relational deficit we experience in our lives. The good news is that we can always restart and reinvent ourselves because relationality is at the core of our creativity, and its path is as unexpected as exciting.


Against all the odds, true inspiration comes from what is hard, bold and unknown. When you challenge what you can do with risk, your vulnerability is a demonstration of courage for navigating in uncharted waters. Risking is essential in every creative work.


The only thing standing in our way to greatness is ourselves. Blaming everyone or everything else is an excuse. The way to fruition is hard, but enlightening.

About saying

What can you do when you say something to the world every day, and nobody reacts?